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Calgary French Drains

Sometimes called Calgary surface drains, French drains are a powerful Calgary stormwater management tool. A Green Future, Calgary yard drainage experts, install and repair yard drainage, and amazingly efficient at solving landscape water retention issues.

When We Use Them

French drains are pretty versatile, so we use them to solve a variety of issues. The most common use is to redirect water from sensitive areas in a landscape, like low spots, pool yards, and planting beds. However, they’re a useful tool to mitigate any water retention issues in a landscape.

Other common problems that can be solved with French drains:

  • Flooded driveways
  • Water getting into your garage
  • Flooded walkways

How They Work

It’s pretty simple. French drains are built with perforated pipes, allowing water to flow in from the top. When installed correctly, they catch runoff and stormwater before it hits a sensitive area, and relocate it where the water won’t cause damage.

The pipe is installed into a trench filled with gravel, which allows water to flow through but filters out leaves, sticks, and other debris that could eventually cause a clog or a break.

Benefits of a French Drain

  • Unobtrusive: French drains have little to no impact on the look of your landscape.
  • Easy to Install: Because they’re so simple, they can be installed quickly. Depending on where the drain is placed, they don’t usually require any major, disruptive excavation either.
  • Easy to Maintain: A crack or leak is easy to locate and fix without uprooting your whole lawn.
  • Effective: French drains are one of our most effective stormwater management solutions.
  • Versatile: With the right hardware, French drains can be tied into other existing drain systems as well.
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